The Multifarious Faces of a Modernity that Isn't

Art by Ian McQue

This is a purely functional post; I want a place to store some generators I've been using in my home games to come up with people, places, events, etc. They've all got a bit of a magical realist urban decay feeling to them. Cockroaches crawling in clockwork, newspapers moldering in the rain, electric lights disturbing the tiny dreams of rats and beetles. 

This blog has always been me sharing the stuff I make for my friends with a bit of pretention draped around it, so let's drop the pretention (for just one post), click some buttons, and let your brain take you someplace unexpected. 


  1. Very handy. Thankyou. I have been collecting links to fascinating generators, and I've realised I've done nothing with them. So I was toying with the idea of seeing what I could do with just one to generate a campaign, and then I idly thought - no, lets see what you get when you have collected 3 more generators. This was prompted by Lawful Neutral's d100 swords - and now your generator is #2. I wonder what the third will be.


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