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Iconoclastic Flow and Lords of Old: (Another) New Blog and (Finally) a New Game

Art by Aleksander Rostov I've been doing a lot of shit! Only, you wouldn't know it if you rely on this blog to stay abreast of my projects (though really, unless you're committing serious crimes by violating my privacy to an extent the NSA would be jealous of, I don't know how else you'd find out about what I'm doing, AND DON'T SAY TWITTER OR ANDROMEDA STUDIOS OR DISCORD). I'm not sure why I've been so reluctant to post here; I think I'm a little self conscious about my "niche" (was ever a more vile word devised to describe art?) and how far I've deviated from my OSR roots, as well as honestly just finding it a lot more rewarding to share the things I write with the people I play/collaborate/share my life with in person.  However, I think there's real value in producing content for a more public eye; namely, it forces me to externalize all the fleshy pieces I usually store in my brain to dress my written skeletons up in. So in o

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