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Your System Isn't the Game, It's Just Another Player

Art By  Philippe Druillet Same old same old; still having a horribly difficult time getting through life, (physical illness, mental illness, just have to snag the elusive spiritual illness and I'll have a full set) but I figured I might as well put stuff on the blog again. For a while, the stress of feeling like I needed to produce complete content lead me to decide the blog was more trouble than it was worth and so I started putting more stuff on twitter, but in the end all that taught me was that twitter is terrible and I should just let myself post less complete polished stuff on here. So here we go; a rather short and scrappy thing that I've been thinking about with regards to system: Your System Isn't the Game Now this isn't anything original; in fact, one of the reasons I still consider myself OSR adjacent at all is that the OSR scene has this idea as one of its central underpinnings, so I won't waste too much time talking about it here. Essentially though, th

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