Hast Thou Considered Your Failures? busposting about degrees of failure and a lil table for makin em better

the body which knows war. until it breaks under the weight of that knowing (tbwkwuibutwotk)

Palimpsest: A Game in Pieces (being a game of fragmented but collective bibliomancy)

Who Was That? A Generator of Memorable NPCs to uhhhhh Remember

Stabbing Hearts: D20 new and exciting ways to hurt each other

Bleeding Hearts: D20 things and ways for HP to be

IMPACT: for true love, getting stabbed, and other things that should matter

All the Strangers: Best Case Scenario + Luke Gearing's Violence + Laws of the Land Indoor Terrain Expansion + FIST + X-Com-Type Downtime Skirmish Game (ft. 2 complete scenarios, character generation, etc.)