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Secret Santicorn! Post-Roman Pre-Saxon Tables, Generators, and Hexes

Art by Seb McKinnon
It's been a hell of a long time since I last posted, and for good reason: things went to absolute shit in my life for a bit, much more shit than had previously been gone to. But the storm has (for now) been weathered, and I've returned with a Secret Santicorn! The general idea of Secret Santicorn is that folks over on the OSR discord request a piece of RPG content, and then those requests are randomly assigned, secret santa style. Each person then makes a blogpost about the thing they were assigned.

I personally requested some thoughts on using mechanics to reinforce themes in OSR games, and received this lovely blogpost from Tiny Dog of Goose and Pen. In turn, I received a request from Sofinho over at Alone in the Labyrinth for a few hexes for a Historical Fantasy Post Roman, Pre-Saxon Hexcrawl.

Now, I am no historian, nor do I have the mind of one, so this was going to be a bit of a challenge. Rather than humiliate myself by attempting something accurate,…

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