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The Laws of the Monstrous: Procedure for Creating Free Association Monstrosities

Art By Rafael Auraleón Came up with a quick and entertaining way to create  monsters . I point y'all towards Dan's article because it's extremely good, and while these monsters are significantly more trite than the ones he's suggesting, the fundamental nature of them remains the same; Something  happened to a  Man or Beast, and now we're all going to be sorry about it. There's just something very fundamentally poignant about that formula. Dan makes excellent points about addressing systems of inequality and oppression; my method will not make monsters of that same depth, but it will approximate it if you squint, and that's good enough (if you're squinting, anyway). I have a lot of fun with this method, and it's provided me with a really nice supply of interesting monsters for my OSR and FKR adjacent games. Please, give it a go if you feel so moved, and if  you do, share what you make! If not with me, with someone else. That's what it's all ab

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