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Oracular Dungeon Generation and The Pleasure Palace of the Madman King

Art by Kilian Eng

Well, now that I'm done (for the time being) with Pyrrhic Weaselry, it's time to go back to making things that might actually appeal to people, so today I'll be posting my methodology for Dungeon Generation. This particular method was born from my desire to never have to come up with something from nothing, because I'm lazy and the blank page is frightening. Using this method, provided I have the faintest idea of the kind of dungeon I would like, I can essentially plug in a bunch of thematically linked words into a bunch of specific Spark Tables, interpret the results, and let my brain fill in the gaps. I'm calling it

Oracular Dungeon Generation 

I'm calling it this because it involves not only doing a dice drop à la In Corpathium and scrabbling around with the results like some sort of seer, but also because the entire endeavor is very much rooted in the idea of letting yourself become a medium a creative process that exists outside of yourself…

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