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6e: the game where everything is an (OSR) problem

Art by Nathan Vieland
Hey all, I made another game! Like Pyrrhic Weaselry, which was born out of me trying to take the "fiction first" element of OSR design to its logical conclusion, this one started with me thinking a lot about good OSR Challenges and Traps. I don't have much to add to that discussion, but I do want to point out how this style of "skill challenge" design does a couple things right that I think the more systems and mechanics focused philosophies can miss.
For example, Chris McDowell from Bastionland says that his measure of a good trap is:
At least one part of it is immediately visible.It allows interaction and investigation.It has impactful consequences for the victim. While Arnold from Goblin Punch says that a good OSR challenge meets the following requirements No obvious solution. (Straight combat is always obvious.)Many possible solutions.Solvable via common sense (as opposed to system mastery).No special tools required (no unique spells, no p…

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