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Fiction First Resolution System: Getting Rid of Ability Scores and Some Other Heretical Stuff

Art by Seb Mckinnon
Those of you who followmymoremechanicsdrivenposts will have perhaps intuited that I've been trying to create a system that enables a rather particular sort of play for quite some time now. This playstyle hews far, far more towards the Arnesonian than traditional OSR material, so if that's a red flag to you, go now further: here, there be a prioritization of the fiction the likes of which would drive the mechanically minded to madness. Or something. Anyway, the truth is that I like a bit more concreteness to my games than the old, old school crowd, especially when it comes to mechanics that interact with narrative. 
If this is starting to sound suspiciously like storygames, worry not, sweet goblin child, for it is not that either. Rather, it is something that I don't exactly know what to call yet. A system designed to put the shared fiction of the game-world first, and lend weight and reality to it with minimal reliance on non-diegetic rules. 
Something tha…

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