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The Cities

Art by Jeff Brown
I haven't been as active as I would like recently, though not for a lack of ideas (I've got them, I swear: there's a medusa who's kept asleep and sedated by the milky venom that drips from the fangs of her serpentine hair and everything!) but rather because I had to have 4 spinal taps and the resulting headache requires me to lay completely flat on my back and has made doing anything very irritating. In any case, I've managed to throw a table together: surprise, it's weird and rather prosaic (I bet you weren't surprised at all, were you, punk) but hopefully you get a kick out of it and take it as a token that I'm still trying to be productive. 
d8 Cities: How Did They Fall?
1 The city fell not once, but a hundred times. Many centuries worth of triumphant architectural innovation crushing the inferior barbarian structures, over, and over, and over. Finally, when the spears and guns of the newest tyrant’s forces were visible over the hills, …

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