SEIZE THIS NEW GALAXY: Andromeda Studios Launches!

Art by Lukas Koelbel 
Click above to embark to distant Andromeda!

This post is to announce the creation of Andromeda Studios, a partnership between myself and artist Lukas Koelbel We're making comics and roleplaying games, and if you'd like to read them, this new site is where they'll be at.

Our first project is the story of Grist, a comic about the last days of that city of bone, and the fisherman who bore witness to the secret history of his dying world and the ages yet to come. 

We'll be updating Grist on a bi-weekly basis, as well as working on putting out new TTRPG content. Updates will be added directly to the Grist page as well as posted to this blog. 

I'll still be posting content to this blog, but anything with a high degree of polish will be hosted over at the new site. 

Additionally, it's sort of a dream of ours to turn this into a real community of artists, so if you think your work (visual art, writing, games of any sort, music, etc.) fits with the overall Andromeda aesthetic, don't be shy! Shoot us an email using the submissions feature at the bottom of the new site, and let's talk!


  1. This sounds interesting! Looking forward to checking it out :)


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